Everybody struggles

This was the blog prompt established by Outreachy for this week and I really loved it. I don’t think there’s any bigger truth than that, even if it doesn’t seem like it, even if you can’t tell by the distance, it’s absolutely true: everybody struggles. That can run through every aspect of someone’s life, but I think it’s particularly important to remember when it comes to career building.

I don’t mean this as some inspirational motto for when you’re comparing yourself (which you really shouldn’t be doing anyway), but more as an everyday fact that when acknowledged can make your life THAT much simpler. Everybody struggles, so it’s OK to ask for help. Everybody struggles, so it’s fine if something hasn’t clicked just yet.

Changing careers late in life and learning a new profession from scratch has taught me so many life lessons (big, juicy ones, I promise) but perhaps the best is that when you’re humble about your knowledge – and your limitations – it feels like the weight is lifted. Accepting the struggle as part of the process makes you less afraid, and then you can go on and really do the things you want to, unafraid of the difficult parts. Outreachy is certainly a big part of my leap, and it’s proving to be absolutely worth it. 🙂

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