A look at my project

My project for this Outreachy round with CC is to revamp the Platform Toolkit, like I’ve mentioned before. But what makes this project so exciting? I’m gonna try and briefly go over what are the key points that made me want to work on this.

The Platform Toolkit is a resource for platforms that would like to give their users the option of applying CC licenses to their uploaded content. It’s a website focused on providing enough information so that the platform can implement this successfully, covering the upload process, the display (so it’s easy for the users to know what license is attached to that content), and the search (so users can find this licensed content). This material hasn’t been revised in a while, and today it’s very text-heavy. My part in this, is going over this content using my knowledge of UX and UI (and learning more about it from my mentors, CC staff, research and independent studies) so that the end result is more approachable.

What drew me in at first was the idea that I could put together all the things I love into this one project – I could revise content, think about UX patterns and go through user-testing, I could wire-frame and build an UI, and lastly, I could implement the front-end. I still have a lot to learn in all of those subjects, so it’s very cool that I get to exercise and touch base with all of these. Another reason I love this project is that I feel it could have an impact in how platforms implement CC – my goal is to have a final result that makes a difference, that makes spreading knowledge about licenses and access to materials something easier and more intuitive. Here’s to hoping that I’ll reach that goal! 🙂

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