Modifying Expectations

I can hardly believe my Outreachy internship is half-way done! It has gone by so fast – and it probably feels that way because of how much there is to do and learn.

I’m glad the outline of weekly goals I’d set up during the application process has mostly been met – although my mentors and I switched around a few activities, everything has been going according to my initial plan. These are some of the deliverables I was able to turn in during these 7 weeks:

  • A spreadsheet with an adaptation of heuristic analysis applied to content platforms
  • A ux analysis of how partner platforms implement licenses
  • A shorter deck highlighting main take-aways of the previous docs
  • A wire-frame of the platform toolkit with changes to both structure and content.

Phew. But there’s still a lot more to do. For this second half, I want to go over a round of user research to test my wireframes, build and refine the UI for the wire, and finally implement. I also would like to build documentation explaining this process and instructions on how to update the toolkit.

I think the main take-away from this process is that it’s important to be ambitious when setting deadlines and goals, but also not feel restricted by it. For example, winter holidays got in the way of user testing – we couldn’t book interviews during the week I had originally planned. But that didn’t really have an impact since I just began working on other tasks – making it a few weeks sooner – and re-scheduling interviews for later. The end result in terms of deliverables will be roughly the same I had written down during the application processes. So it’s ok if plans change along the way, as long as you’re still moving in the direction you planned to go.

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